About Us

Our Mission

Hello and welcome!

We are Julie and Nicholas, owners and driving force behind ICONIC | MOMENT. We founded our luxury Planning and Design company to share our passion for creating unique events and spaces, and turning bold visions into reality.

Our wish is to break down the walls of stress for you, by customizing planning, decoration and design solutions with expert coordination, in order to orchestrate and execute your project in a unique and timeless way!

Our Story

As a couple and business partners who share the same vision, our passion for creating events and designing exceptional spaces began several years ago.

Furthermore, for over the past 20 years as avid worldwide travelers, we have gathered extensive experience with a wide range of cultural and gender diversity, which customs and values are carefully reflected in each of our concepts and design when needed. 

The ability to connect with, and understand people, paired with our keen sense of creativity and organizational skills, prompted us to create what ICONIC | MOMENT is today.

As Certified International Decor, Event and Wedding Professionals, recognized for our unrelenting elegance and style, ICONIC MOMENT, along with our team of expert partners has garnered a reputation for meticulously putting together a curated approach to life’s most unforgettable events and designing spaces that reflect your personality.

You are exclusive, and bringing your vision into action fuels our passion!

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation and receive a tailor-made proposal for your project. Together, let’s make it “iconic!”